What in the world does Elixir Thirteen mean?

Nothing. It means absolutely nothing. Elixir is one of my favorite words. You hardly ever hear it or get to use it. It sounds so magical.I think of Hogwarts and Harry Potter every time I hear it.  Thirteen is my favorite number. I tend to root for the underdog and everyone hates the number 13 because it has a rep for being unlucky or evil. I long ago decided that would be my favorite number, for no other reason that I figured it was probably lonely.

Who are you?

Pay no attention to that girl behind the curtain! Just kidding! I am Kelly and this site is all about me. I have had many domain names over the course of my Internet history. I decided to start writing again after taking a multi-year break from blogging. As it turns out, I need this space for myself. This site will tell you many things about me: my likes, dislikes, faith, favorites, fashion, awards show commentary, and big thoughts on life and legal issues – basically it’s a little like living inside my head, all very disorganized but entertaining.

You didn’t really answer the ‘who are you?’ question.

Why are you hassling me??? Okay, fine. I’m in my 40s, single, child-free, HILARIOUS (truly), a Midwesterner transplanted in Los Angeles. I like big dreams, hairbrained schemes, PJs with funny animals on them, martinis that are dirty, cookies with frosting, and books that become your friend. I am 7+ years post-op from having RNY gastric bypass surgery. I love Jesus and go to church on Sunday. I’m one of those crazy liberal Christians you hear stories about. I like to click, click, click with my Canon Rebel T3i D-SLR camera. I am a fan of boybands, things covered in chocolate, a variety of TV shows, the beach, holding hands, and laughing until I snort.

Single, huh?

STOP JUDGING ME! I just haven’t found my person yet! 🙂

Pet peeves?

Poor grammar (OH EM GEE. Please don’t say ‘irregardless’ or ‘supposably.’ Please. I want us to remain friends.), mean people,  people who are controlling, and unsolicited dick pics (an unfortunate staple in my life).

Your best qualities?

I truly am hilarious. It’s a gift. I am also considerate and thoughtful. I’m one smart cookie, too, so I can talk about pretty much everything!

Questions? Comments? Concerns?